Biggest Employers in Canada

Leading employers in Canada drive the country’s economy with an efficient combination of different services like banking, science and technology, manufacturing etc. In this article, we discuss the biggest employers with their brief introduction.

Canadian imperial bank of commerce (CIBC)

  • CIBC is a leading financial institution providing wide range of financial products and services by electronic banking networks and it extensive branch. This organization operates in three major businesses like:
    • Wealth management
    • Retail and business banking
    • Wholesale banking etc.
  • It was established in 1867 and employ over 43,000 people serving 11 million commercial, individual, small business, industrial and corporate clients across the world.

Ellis Don corporation

  • Is a general contracting, project management firm and construction services.
  • It also provides other services like information technology, equity financing and consulting services along with construction services.

En bridge Inc.

  • It is a provider of natural gas pipelines, distribution and energy related services across north America.
  • It operates the worlds longest crude oil pipelines thus delivering over two million barrels per day to customers all around Canada and united states.

Innovation Inc.

  • It forms a part of developing electronics documentation software products for clients in energy and Information technology sectors along with the content development, the company provides training services which include OEM products and services, custom course development services etc.

Kiewit energy Canada corporation

  • It is an industrial contractor providing energy, construction and procurement services in chemical, oil and gas and other process industries across Canada.

Nature’s Path Foods Inc.

  • It is a key manufacturer of organic foods for breakfast established since 1985 with retailers being in 40 countries.
  • Nature’s path foods give an example of combining the success of business with its core principles of being environmentally and socially responsible in all its business practices.

Nuance communications Canada Inc.

  • Is a provider of voice response, style of speech, voice processing, records management, messaging, imaging and recording equipment.
  • This firm develops speech recognition applications for most popular mobile device platforms along with car navigation systems.

Toyota motor manufacturing Canada Inc./TMMC

  • TMMC is a manufacturer of automobiles for the north American market and is a subsidiary of Toyota motor corporation which is japan based.
  • It is the only facility in Canada producing hybrid, gas and electric vehicles.
  • The two facilities of the company can produce 470,00 vehicle per year making TMMC the 4th largest facility of Toyota production world wide.

Canadian national railway company/CN

  • CN is a transportation company which provides inter-modal, trucking, rail, ware housing, freight forwarding and distribution services.
  • It serves the customers across Canada, Mexico and united states also crossing the continent north-south and east-west serving pacific, gulf coast and Atlantic ports.

Looking at the above data one can get information regarding the biggest employers present across Canada and their background in brief.