Know About Wisdom Teeth (Third Molar) and it’s Effects

Wisdom teeth are the teeth that appear in the late teenage usually between 17 to 25 years. They appear at the last of all the teeth. Some times they may also appear after several years. People with more space in their mouth won’t have any problem with the appearance of the wisdom teeth, but people with small region inside the mouth have problems and the wisdom teeth must be removed from the mouth.

Wisdom teeth symptoms:
If the area inside the mouth is more, then there won’t be any effects. Other wise it leads to problems like:

    • Pain at the third molars when food particles enter the area
    • Results in mis-aligned teeth
    • Tenderness, swelling and redness around the wisdom teeth
  • Pus coming out of gums
  • Bad breath, headache, sore and bitterness around the teeth
  • Fever

If you have the above problems then the third molar or the wisdom teeth must be removed from the mouth with some treatment.

Removal of the wisdom teeth:
If the person is having the above symptoms then they must remove the wisdom teeth from the mouth. A simple remedy is, mouth wash with hot water with a teaspoon salt in it so that is reduces inflammation.

For short term relief you can also use medicine like paracetamol to reduce the pain. If all these treatments doesn’t work it is advisable to meet the dentist for the treatment.

Treatment for wisdom teeth:
The dentist will take a X-ray and check whether there is space in the wisdom teeth or not. If there is no space then the dentist will go proceed with the next step. If there is any possibility to remove the teeth, then the dentist will recommend you to a specialist to get the wisdom teeth removed.

After the treatment you may feel some swelling and discomfort. You can use pain killers to reduce the pain.

The patients treated for wisdom teeth must take proper care and avoid smoking and chewing hard foods which may cause pain. Visit the dentist after some weeks so that he or she will check the condition and give further suggestion.