Types of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing involves selling goods or services through Internet. This might be in the form of search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing, content marketing and PPC advertising method of marketing.

Types of Internet marketing
We will discuss briefly different methods of Internet marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization is an important part of Internet marketing. SEO helps in finding users by the use of keywords for setting your website high in search engine ranking results. The particular keywords are the target keywords. Using the correct target keywords, your website would get good number of prospects.

Ad serverSocial media marketing
This is one of the most popular and preferred online marketing strategies because of its effectiveness as a marketing tool. Social networking sites or social media are the places on the Internet where many people hang out and interact more. Social media like Facebook, YouTube, Google and Twitter are the top choices for marketing on Internet.

Email marketing
Email marketing is a common type of internet marketing. It is a way for reaching customers via email relatively at lower cost when compared to other types of marketing. When marketing through email, it is not necessary that it should contain only text. You can also provide images with a good amount of information on your products, thus making email marketing more effective.

adserverVideo marketing
Video marketing can be the most effective and convincing type of internet marketing. Youtube is one of the most visited websites. Today, many people like watching and listening than reading, thus making video marketing an effective one. Video marketing is a simple way to make people understand clearly about your product or service.

Internet marketing involves video marketing to place advertisements on the videos that are mostly viewed or searched. This is done to gain interest and for attracting more customers. Many resort to create a separate advertising video in order to gain more attention.

Content marketing
ad servers for publishersThis is yet another form of internet marketing that aims at gaining attention of the website visitors. Content marketing writing and publishing content and publishing, which helps prospects in informing and educating about products/services, and thus makes value addition to prospects and customers. Content marketing attracts prospects and converts them in to loyal customers. Content marketing also includes posting links, uploading videos and a type of conversation.

Pay per click (PPC)
Pay per click advertising is a method of online marketing to bring target traffic to your business website. PPC involves posting your banner in relevant websites to enable clicking for prospects. The advertiser (the business that owns the advertisement) has to pay when the post is clicked on. Your you need to have good target keywords to make your PPC strategy a successful one.

The types of Internet marketing just discussed are cost effective, and are suitable for small businesses.