Dental Anxiety

Many people do not like visiting the dentist and some people are afraid of the very thought of going to the dentist in such a way that they get scared even when they require dental treatment. Dental anxiety is a common problem. About 15 – 20% of population avoid visiting the dentist due to the fear. This article discusses important points on what causes of dental anxiety in some people.

Causes of dental anxiety

Bad memories/past experiences
Even dental techniques that are advanced can not erase bad memories of dental visits in the past. A little amount of negative experience in their last visit or when they were in childhood can be a cause for the fear of visiting the dentist. What had happened during their last dental visit that caused them to fear seeing the dentist further? Painful, traumatic or prolonged treatment might be the reason for their unwillingness to pay a visit to the dentist future visit.

Needle/instruments phobia
Many people are fearful and suffer anxiety at the sight of the needle. Some people even may faint because of this fear. Modern dentistry now has needles that are incredibly fine and cause little or pain. Moreover, new advances in dentistry include laser dentistry that often will not require novocaine. The drills used in dental treatment today are also advances so that there is less noise of the machine and little discomfort.

Sight, noise and smell
Our senses like sight, hearing and smelling are the powerful reminders of good and bad memories. At the sight of things like dental chair, instruments and waiting room can cause anxiety.

Noises like the dental drill, suction or compressor may be associated with the past painful dental experiences. Typically, smell is associated with the materials used in dental practice, usually the oil of gloves and cleaning disinfectants.

Fear of being lectured
Nobody would like to get lecture from the dentist regarding oral health especially when you ignore good oral hygiene practices like regular brushing and flossing. If this is actually the case, you will probably would be lectured by the dentist. Many people fear this lecture, and avoid seeing the dentist.

Cost of dental procedures is one of the major factors that prevent people from visiting the dentist. According to the study, 40-45% of people unwilling to visit dentists because they do not have dental insurance. High prices of dental procedures can also be the cause of dental anxiety in many people. Rinsing your mouth with mouthwashes should be added to your daily oral hygiene routine in order to keep your mouth healthy.