Monthly Archives: March 2014

Dental Anxiety

Many people do not like visiting the dentist and some people are afraid of the very thought of going to the dentist in such a way that they get scared even when they require dental treatment. Dental anxiety is a common problem. About 15 – 20% of population avoid visiting the dentist due to the … Continue reading Dental Anxiety

Features of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid vehicles have a battery pack, one or more electric motors, fuel tank, and an internal combustion engine. Means hybrid vehicles uses more than one form of on-board energy to run. Most of the people confused with hybrid cars and electric cars. Hybrid cars also use combustion fuel. Now we will see the features of … Continue reading Features of Hybrid Cars

Signs of Transmission Problems

For untrained and average drivers, it is very difficult or an impossible task to diagnose problems with the vehicle. If the problems are relating to the mechanical systems, they will exhibit noice and sensations. Those are the indicators that there is something wrong. There are several forms of transmission problems. Each symptom can might be … Continue reading Signs of Transmission Problems