Get to Know about Mainframes

Mainframes are large computers mainly used for processing bulk data such as industry specific and consumer statistics, census, financial transactions by large organizations. It supports some thousands of users processing data at a time and thus they are more powerful computers than super computers.

Small difference you can notice in mainframe computers when compared to other computers are speed, storing conditions, total out-turn and operating systems. These computers are used for computing large-scale requirements by big companies as they are reliable, secure and available in computing processes. Companies use these computers in centralized environments.

Now the size of mainframe computer is smaller than the earlier mainframe computers’ size due to the advancement of technology. Earlier mainframes used to occupy more rooms of space called frames. And therefore, they were named ‘Mainframes’. Now the mainframes that are manufactured by IBM are much smaller and can compute billions of transactions/programs per second. IBM is the single largest provider and manufacturer of Mainframes.

Because of their efficient processing speed, many organizations including large banks, financial institutions, business enterprises with many operating units rely on it. Mainframes need less than 24 hours to process a day’s main activities in business.

Mainframes operating systems are different from the servers operating systems. Operating systems of mainframes – VM/ESA, OS/390, MVS and z/OS. Modern mainframes run with multiple operating systems.

These computers are high priced. These computers can handle multiple processors, external storage devices and large amounts of main memory.