Essential Vitamins and Minerals Required for Kids

IscotrizinolVitamins should be a part of a child’s diet. The vitamins cannot be formed directly in the body. They will be obtained from the food we take. People with vitamin deficiencies will have few problems and diseases.

Some essential vitamins for kids are:
Vitamin A: This helps in keeping kid’s eyes healthy aids in bone growth and enables to fight infections.

Vitamin C: This helps for the child’s normal growth and development. They prevent infections such as common cold as well as healing of wounds.

active ingredients for cosmeticsVitamin D: This vitamins works together with calcium and helps to maintain strong bones. Vitamin D can be gained with the exposure towards sunlight.

Vitamin E: Protects the cells from damaging free radicals that may lead to cancer and heart disease.

Calcium: An essential mineral to maintain healthy bones and teeth for kids.

Iron: Important to supply blood so that oxygen can be delivered to body’s tissues.

Folate: It’s a vitamin B that helps to produce and maintain new cells and prevent anemia.

uvasorb hebMagnesium: A healthy mineral which is essential to keep the heart healthy and develop a proper immune system. Important for carrying out chemical reactions in the body and also to maintain strong bones.

Potassium: An essential mineral to maintain normal blood pressure and helps in proper functioning of kidneys.

Zinc: Essential mineral to provide proper growth and development of a kid during childhood and also to maintain healthy immune system.

Most kids don’t understand what vitamins are, they will generally not have a proper meal and balanced diet. It’s the parents duty to look after them and ensure that the kids receive all essential vitamins required to maintain an overall health.