What are the Different Types of Enterprise Application

An enterprise Application describes the applications that can be used by many businesses to guide the organization in solving problems related to the enterprise.

The following are some of the most commonly used Enterprise Applications.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP): It is a software for business management that allows the organization to use one or more applications to manage their business. The applications include planning, development, manufacturing, sales, finance and human resources.
  • Business continuity planning(BCP): BCP enables the company to deliver the products and services to the customers continuously during a disruption with a proactive planning process. BCP tells us how to continue the operations under horrible conditions such as earth quake and floods, fire occurred in buildings, theft etc.
  • Enterprise Application Integration(EAI): It is defined as use of software and architectural patterns of computer systems that forms an integration framework that is composed of a collection of technologies and services.
  • Content Management: It is a collaborative process that involves in collection, managing and publishing information in any form. To publish the content it involves the roles of a creator, editor, publisher, administrator and viewer. It is generally called as a digital content that occurs in the form of text document, multimedia files such as an audio and video.
  • Call center and customer support: A call center is operated by a company which receives calls from customers for information inquiries and transmits many requests by telephone. Customer support is a system for which the company provides information about the products and services before and after purchasing the product. This can be done via e-mails, telephone, live chat and by visiting the customer’s home.