Yoga to Strengthen the Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular system is the crucial and the most important system of the entire body. When it is well protected then the rest of the body seems to be in safe hands. The important organ of this system is the heart which consists of several muscles for pumping the blood. If it fails to do so the entire system will collapse and it is difficult to recover too. So, it is the responsibility of every one to be protected against different diseases and pressures. Mainly the problems related to heart will be seen in people who are above 40 years. This is due to the loss of muscle strength after reaching a particular age. All the defects and the problems related to the heart and the other parts of the cardiovascular system can be successfully resolved by performing regular yoga says the experts.

The primary step we need to take for a healthy cardiovascular system is to perform meditation. This is an effective way to eliminate tension from the heart that might have occurred due to too much of stress and emotional imbalance. With the help of meditation we are able to calm down our mind and hence can effectively reduce the mental strain on the brain and as a result on the heart. Regular practice of meditation helps us to protect the heart from potential triggers for heart attacks.

Many poses are also there which can improve the health of the heart and the various parts of the cardiovascular system by improving the blood circulation. They also help in removing the harmful toxins from the blood, to regulate hormones and hence keep us healthy and happy.

Doing pranayama under the guidance of a trained practitioner, can help control breathing and is an effective exercise for cardiovascular system. Different poses like the locust pose, crow pose, plow pose, mountain pose are found effective in preventing cardiovascular problems. However, one needs to be guided properly and specially in case they want to focus only on cardiovascular problems.