Workplace Creches – a Solution for Working Parents

As you know, parents are depended on childcare facilities to look after their kids. Such childcare services are most useful for families in which both the parents are working. It is difficult especially for working mothers to concentrate on work by leaving their kid alone. Though there are many options like nannies, babysitter, childcare centers and nurseries, working parents still feel stressed and think of their kids often. However, workplace creches are the best solution for working parents.

A creche is a place where children are taken care and engaged in some kind of entertaining activities. Workplace creches are those which are arranged at workplaces of parents whose kids are taken care. They are mostly situated on-site or close to the workplace. Children as young as three to six months are also taken care in workplace creches. They will be taken care until they reach five.

Workplace creches also have all the facilities present in general creches and childcare centers. They are safe and secure. They should also contain staff with qualifications related to childcare. Appropriate equipment and resources required for children of special needs should be present in a workplace creche.

The working mothers feel that their kids are close to them. They can go and have a look after them whenever they are free. With this, they avoid any worries of the childcare and can improve concentration on work. Many research studies also showed that workplace creches have a positive impact on the work including enhanced staff retention, increased productivity and reduced expenditure on recruitment and training. Workplace creches are, therefore, a big relief for working parents.