Online Advertising and Its Types

adserverOnline advertising is a form of advertising or promotion through internet. This is the popular trend of advertising today which ensures faster and affordable targeting a wide range of audience. Various types of online advertising are prevalent today. Have a look on them.

Based on the mode of targeting, online advertising can be classified as contextual advertising, behavioral advertising and local advertising. When advertising is based on the context or related content of the data viewed by a user, it is termed as contextual advertising. However, when ads are served based on the behavior of the user, then it is termed as behavioral advertising. The behavior includes various online factors like online searches, purchases and browsing history. Local advertising refers to the ads at a particular geographical location.

Text advertising includes display of simple, text-based hyperlinks. As the name suggests, text ads do not include graphic images. Display advertising is the other type of online advertising which is used most commonly. Display ads include graphical advertisements of various standard shapes and sizes. ad serverThey appear in various forms including banners. Banner ads consist of static or animated images, and also interactive media which may include audio and video elements. E-mail advertising is the other type of online advertising where the ad is sent through e-mail to opt-in audiences. Affiliate marketing is a form of online advertising in which campaigns are placed by the advertisers with a potentially large number of small publishers. They are only paid when there is a traffic to the advertiser. So, you have a varied choice of advertising online and choose one based on your target preferences.

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