Flash cards – How to Use them to Learn Spanish

Flash Cards: Flash cards are one of the best ways to memorize information. They are used to learn different things irrespective of the language. The most common way of using them is by creating index cards. These cards are used across the globe to teach students simple and important things, which enable them to memorize those things for longer time. Especially in case of kids in nurseries and lower primary schools, as they get easily confused with different things, these flash cards are of much use. They feel fun in using these cards and they can learn effectively.

Spanish – English Flash Cards: Flash cards are nothing but business card sized cards, on which a question is written on one side and it is answered on the other side. While learning Spanish, these cards are used to increase the vocabulary. On one side of the card, an English word of phrase is written along with its picture, and the other side gives the Spanish translation for that word or phrase. These cards often come in sets with the highest number of set including 100- flash cards.

Great help to learn Spanish: Like all other languages the Spanish vocabulary is also huge and it is often difficult to remember the words. Learning through flash cards in an unique experience which enable us to remember the things easily. This can be played as a game in groups or we can do it ourselves even though no one is around us. As mentioned earlier, these Flash cards have a English word or phrase on one side and its English equivalent on the other side. All we need to do is to place the cards on a surface with their tops showing English and pick one card from the deck of cards. Look at the English word and try to tell it in Spanish, once you are ready with the answer, turn the card to find whether your answer matches with the Spanish word on the other side of the card. Repeat the process and try to answer as many as you can, since the answer is readily available you are able to correct your mistakes as well as learn the things which you don’t know.