Oriental Rugs from Different Countries

Oriental Rugs are those which add beauty and charm to our houses. Unlike the other rugs they are specially designed for enhancing the look of the interior. They are from different regions. Every region has their unique style of carpet weaving which made them popular in their own way.
They are available both in antique and modern styles. These rugs are easily identified by their texture and pattern of weaving.

Let us check Oriental Rugs from different countries.

Persian Rugs: Persia, which is also called as Iran has a reputation of producing world class rugs. They make the rugs in such a way that at a single sight one can say that it is a Persian rug. They follow some typical geometrical and floral patterns which are connected to their region. Even though the price ranges are higher you can still get a Persian rug for affordable price.

Tibetan Rugs: Tibetan rugs are famous for the quality of wool used in their manufacture. The wool used is collected from the sheep in the Himalayas. In Tibet each and every family member will be involved in rug making and it takes around 3500 hours to complete one rug. Even though the rugs are pretty expensive you cannot get that unique pattern and texture in any other rugs.

Indians Rugs: Indian rugs are famous for their variety of designs and patterns. The main occupation of many people in Western India is rug making. The rugs made of natural fibers follow much traditional styles and even though they are a bit expensive they are worth buying. Among all the rugs that produced in India there is one rug which is originated truly from India. It is called as Dhurrie rug which is a blend of wool and cotton.

These are some popular oriental rugs which are easily available in all parts of the world. It is essential to know about different kinds of rugs before you buy them. Hope this information is helpful to find a better one.