Disadvantages of Nurseries for Childcare

Parents feel worried about a reliable childcare facility for their kids. However, there are many facilities like nurseries, creches and so on providing childcare services. Nurseries are the places where children are taken care in a structured, safe, stable and healthy environment. Many parents are preferring to keep their kids in nurseries. However, it is necessary to consider their disadvantages before planning to join the child. Here are some of the cons associated with childcare in nurseries.

The opening and closing times of nurseries are fixed. They are not flexible and this may be problematic for parents. If you are supposed to reach home late from workplace, then it is difficult to take the kid from the nursery. There should be some flexibility to make parents easy to pick up and drop the kids.

The other disadvantage is that, in cases where a nursery is closed or your child becomes sick, you need to find a back-up care. It is cumbersome to get a child caregiver at such emergency and instant situations.

There are chances that kids do not get one-to-one attention and care. Also, many behavioral changes may be seen in kids if left at nurseries for a long time. When you leave your child in the nursery for full-time from a very young age, then the child becomes less affectionate and less confident emotionally. As the kids are less bonded to one-to-one basis, they will not be sure of any trusting in relationships. It is very difficult to deal with this behavior when once adapted.

Kids are also more likely to catch diseases like cold and conjunctivitis. They may also get influenced by the bad behavior of the other children. Hence, it is necessary to check for the number of staff, safety, healthy conditions and qualified staff when looking for a nursery. However, many people prefer to hire an in-home caregiver like a nanny to avoid these problems.