Creative Photography with Glow Sticks

Enjoyment and fun in the dark night parties can be multiplied by a creative glow theme. These days using glow sticks has become popular. You find people wearing glow necklaces and bracelets. Even kids like to play with glow sticks and light up toys. These are some common things that everyone knows about the use of glow sticks. However, I was surprised to see one of my friends making creative photography with glow sticks. Have you ever seen a photograph that is made more beautiful with light of glow sticks? It is really exciting to look at one.

The art of photography using glow sticks or unique alternative light sources is termed as glowtography. The term and even the result of the photograph seems to be interesting. As all of us know that photographers use various artistic techniques to enhance the photograph. Using light from glow sticks in a unique way creates more elegant photographs.

You can ask your assistants to hold glow sticks in their hands. Then, ask them to wave the glow sticks wildly and capture the imagery of moving light with photography. Experiment with light and dark backgrounds. As you know glow sticks are found in different colors including green, yellow, orange, purple, white, blue, red and pink. Use any of these colored glow sticks to make colorful photographs. Glow sticks are available in different sizes. Mini glow sticks are smaller ones which are 1.5 inches in length. There are also 6 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch and even larger glow sticks. A large sized glow stick has large amount of chemicals and the glow lasts for a longer time. Glow from larger glow sticks is brighter and even covers a larger area. Using larger glow sticks, you can make creative and brighter photographs.