What are the Different Types of Freezers

Freezer units are used in households and and these are used for extended storage of perishable foods. Freezers have a motor that rapidly compresses a liquid so that it absorbs heat from the surrounding area. There are many types of freezers available in the market and those are discussed below:

Chest Freezers:
Chest freezers are normally waist or chest high and have a top that swings open. They can offer more space because they do not have shelves. Chest freezers retain cold air better than other types of freezers and they keep the food fresh for longer time periods. Chest freezers also tend to be slightly more energy efficient and are less likely to cause freezer burn. They are available in sizes ranging from about 4 cubic ft to over 20 cubic ft.

Upright Freezers:
Uprights freezers take up less floor space than chest freezers because they have a small footprint. Upright freezers are normally head high and have doors that open outward. The advantages of this type of freezer are that contents are easier to pack, get at and organize. The freezer is divided into slide out baskets and may also contain shelves and compartments, depending on the model. They also come in a range of sizes and heights.

Portable Freezers:
These operate like chest freezers but they are differentiated from the chest freezers as these are portable and can be moved from one place to other. These freezers have heavy insulation and can keep food cold for a few hours without power. Portable freezers generally have between 40 and 80 quarts of capacity and these can be used in cars.

Combination of Refrigerators and Freezers:
A freezer that comes together with a refrigerator is one of the most popular freezers and it also saves space. Combo refrigerator freezers have separate thermostats and are insulated against each other, so that there should be no loss in freezing ability between the two sections.

Walk In Freezers:
These freezers have heavy insulation on all sides, including the floor, to prevent heat flow through the freezer and these are ideal for the conditions where there is a need to store large amount of frozen goods for example restaurants. They have a front door that swings open and enough room inside for at least one person to stand.