Say No to Drink and Drive

According to National Highway Traffic safety Administration (NHTSA), maximum number of accidents in US are caused due to drunken driving. The recent statistics of 2010, shows that there were 444 deaths in Pennsylvania caused due to car accidents which involved alcohol impaired driving. Every body knows that a little amount of alcohol intake will make the brain numb and slows down the functioning of nervous system. Despite of this fact, many people drive under the influence of alcohol which results in digging their own grave.

Lets see some statistics about this drunken driven in US during the year 2009

  • On an average, one person dies every 48 minutes due to drunken driving.
  • If the accidents occurred due to fatal crashes are 9% during day time, that percentage is 37% during night. That is rate of deaths are four times more during night time.
  • 66% of crashes involving impaired alcohol happened only from midnight to 3 am.
  • The average blood alcohol content (BAC), among the people aged between 21-24 is 16, which is above legal limits.

The main effects of drunken driving is a fatal crash. The moment the person has alcohol even in smaller amount it will affect his nervous system, making it numb and less reactive. Hence, the person becomes incapable of driving. Drunken driving not only causes accidents to the drivers it may also result in harming either the pedestrians or the people going in other vehicles. Apart from these, many legal problems will arise resulting in marking on your license which will ruin your reputation.

These accidents and incidents which are stated above are few examples of what will happen if you drink and drive. There are many a things which will affect you both personally and socially. Hope you understand my concern and keep it in mind while your are driving.