Know about Infrared Glow Sticks

Do you know that apart from recreational and entertainment parties, glow sticks are used for other emergency purposes? They are used for carrying out rescue operations after the occurrence of natural disasters and other accidents. They are also being used for military applications. However, specific glow sticks called infrared glow sticks are used here.

Infrared glow sticks work with the help of IR or NV imaging systems like night vision equipment. These glow sticks emit infrared radiation that is invisible to the naked eye. A distinct thermal image is produced, is viewed only by specific night vision equipment. Certain infrared goggles are necessary to view the targets at night. It is much advantageous for night operations. Infrared glow sticks with specific features are designed for applications in tactical military and law enforcement areas. Infrared glow sticks which meet all the U.S. military specifications are made by many manufacturers.

Using infrared glow sticks is simple and same as that of an ordinary glow stick. Just bend the plastic tube to break the internal glass ampoule. Upon shaking, the chemical present in the glass vial combines with the second one outside it and reacts to emit infrared radiation. However, the only extra thing that you need is night vision goggles to view the light. Therefore, an infrared glow stick is helpful for handling various emergency situations in military areas.