Importance of Communication at Workplace

Communication is one of the most important tool in our life. In working places too, communication is the tool which will help to do things fast. Generally, in any organization, communication is two types i.e., internal and external. Internal communication is within the organization and is between employers and employees, whereas, external communication is between the people of organization and people outside the organization, like suppliers and clients etc.

Lack of communication can have a negative impact on the organization and customers. It can lead to misunderstandings, affect the performance level of an employee and an overall decrease in the company’s profit levels. Some times, some conflicts generate with poor communication. If the employers or any other higher authority does not communicate properly, then workers performance declines and also productivity decreases. All resources like money and time will be wasted. Some times the workers will not be satisfied with their work also.

Advantages of Effective communication at workplace:
In the workplace, if the message is communicated effectively to the workers by the higher authorities, workers can ask questions and their doubts. A proper flow of information can lead to a positive outcome and the growth of the company. The workers will always be satisfied if they are clear on their work and also they will complete the work with in the time and effectively. This will lead to increase in productivity and performance of an employee. It will boost the organization’s growth.

On the other hand, communication between workers is also important. If any hazards are found by any worker, then he should pass the message to all co-workers. Therefore, safe environment is also created with the effective communication.

Approach to achieve good communication:
The way of communication must be positive. This will make it effective. The employees must be given a fair chance to communicate their thoughts about an issue that concerns them. When there is any problem that should be solved with an open mind. The overall environment in the organization should be positive and encourage the idea of open communication. The management should not assume that employees must only listen to the orders. They should encourage a two-way communication. Feedback is the best and most effective method to improve on a company’s communicative problem.

All the workers must be given training while dealing with clients. They should be taught to use the best method in communication. If anything is hidden from the client, they feel cheated and this in turn affects the company. Language can also be a barrier while dealing with international clients. The employees should be qualified enough to deal with such clients. While dealing with suppliers and retailers it is important to communicate effectively so that there is no confusion in the process of placing an order and other procedures.

There are many ways to communicate effectively in the workplace. The people involved in the communication must be identified. Different strategies are needed to be implied. An effective tool should be adopted. These should be documented and the people involved must carry a copy of it in their briefcase. A budget and audit of the same must be conducted.

Therefore, by studying the above information, we can now understand how important is communication at workplace.