Know about Different Types of T Shirts for Men

There are many types of the t shirts available for men which differ in sizes, designs and colors. The following are some of basic types of t shirts that must be in men’s wardrobe with out which wardrobe is not complete.

Polo T-shirt:
In the past these t shirts are used by the golfers and prepsters but with the competition and different advertising strategies used by the companies manufacturing polo t shirts changed everything. It is better to wear this t shirts with white trousers in summer along with the accessories.

Graphic T-shirt:
These t shirts made a great impact on the t shirt market when they were introduced and they are one of the best wardrobe essentials for men.

Nautical tee:
These combines fashion with function, these t shirts gives the wearer a fantastic look. While choosing these types of t shirts select a t shirt which is made up of lightweight cotton, which can be thrown straight into the wash in order to maximize its usage.

Grandad T-shirt:
These are the short sleeved versions of the long-sleeve thermals which are worn in the past and now they are updated with a more flattering fit and there is no restriction to wear them as an undergarment.

Sports T-shirt:
These are the t shirts which gives wearer a sporty look at the work place and shows his love to the game. Retro Sport is one label that makes fantastic vintage inspired T shirts featuring logos from old school sporting teams.

Deep V-neck T-shirt:
One can increase the style of the V neck t shirt by choosing a tee with a deep V neck rather than the standard collarbone length style. At the same time, the neckline isn’t so low that and you won’t feel cheesy in it.

These different varieties of t-shirts provide a vary good choice to men.