Simulation Software and Its Types

Simulation software is a process in which an operation is observed through simulation without performing actual operation and it is a program based on process of modeling a real phenomenon with a set of mathematical formulas. It has many industrial applications like airplane operators, chemical plant operators, nuclear power plant operators where a mock up of the actual control panel is connected to a real time simulation of the physical response, giving valuable training experience.

Advanced computer programs can be used to expect the out comes of weather conditions, heat pumps, electronic circuits, chemical reactions and atomic reactions, but it is difficult to stimulate some natural phenomenon because they are influenced by number of factors. Simulation can be done effectively by determining the factors that effect the goals of the simulation. Simulation is used to test the new theories also.

There are two types of simulations, they are

General Simulation:
General simulation is of two categories. One is discrete simulation, which is used to model statistical events with the use of probabilities and the other is continuous simulation which is used to model physical phenomena like ballistic trajectories, human respiration, electric motor response, radio frequency data communication, steam turbine power generation, etc.

Electronic Simulation:
Electronic simulation software is used to replicate the behavior of an electronic circuit or device with the help of mathematical models. Efficiency and stability of the electronic circuit design can be improved by simulating circuit’s behavior. Most of the simulators use a SPICE engine which simulates analog, digital and mixed A/D circuits for exceptional power and accuracy.