Programing Software and Its Tools

Programing software provides essential tools for the programmer to write the computer programs. The various tools used in programing software are:

The compiler is a computer program which helps in transforming source code written in a programming language in to another computer language to create a executable program. The compile performs operations such as lexical analysis, pre processing, parsing, semantic analysis, code optimization and code generation.

Debugger is a computer program used to test, find and reduce the number of defects in a computer program or electronic hardware. Debuggers also provides functions such as running a program step by step, breaking program to examine the current state, tracking the values of variables.

Generally programs written by programers are in level code which the CPU can’t execute, so the interpreters convert these codes in to machine codes every time a program is executed.

A linker is a computer program which takes one or more objects and combines them in to a single executable program and these objects are generated by the compiler. Linker also looks after the arranging the objects in a program’s address space which may involve relocating the code.

Text Editor:
Text editor is a computer program used to edit the plain text files, text editors provided with operating systems can be used to change configuration files and programing language source code.