Graphic Software – The Best Art Software

Graphic art software is a subclass of application software. Graphic design, multimedia development, general image editing, and specialized image development can be done through the use of graphic art software. Use of this software is much efficient when compared to the use of traditional media. Some of the advantages of using graphic software include less hand-eye coordination, less visualization skill, and usage of automated functions of a computer for creating images.

The potential of the software for enhancement of creativity depends on the intuitiveness of the interface. Creation, editing, and management of computer graphics is done by a graphic software. The graphic design software can be used for magazine layouts and brochure designs. General image editing software and page layout software are commonly called as desktop publishing software. Several graphic designers prefer to use this software.

Enhancement of types of media such as analog and digital photos, illustrations and others can be done by image editing software. Clip art, web graphics, logos, headings, backgrounds, digital photos and any other kinds of digital images can be made by the graphic software. Some of the examples of graphic software are Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Illustrator, The GIMP, and the CorelDRAW. Specialized applications of graphics include the use of 3D modeling and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) that are also included in graphic software. 3D graphics software has applications in animations and CAD software has applications in architecture and engineering.

Two major types of graphic software are present which include pixel-based image editors and vector-based image editors. A series of pixels in a grid make an image in a pixel-based image editor, and are used for editing digital photos and scanned images. Vector-based editors use illustration software for creating drawings including lines and curves. Points and objects are included in this type instead of pixels. Creation of stylized, cartoon-like images, logos and maps can be done through vector-based editors. Some object-based graphics software are there which use both the types. Based on the requirement, graphic software can be used.