Know About Smoke Removing Air Purifiers

The tobacco contains two different kinds of pollutants. First is particles which are released in to the air in a wide variety of sizes. These can be filtered easily, almost all air filters are capable of filtering some or even most particles present in the tobacco smoke. The second component of tobacco smoke is the chemical gases which are given off by burning tobacco. Over four thousand chemicals have been identified in tobacco smoke and these chemicals are dangerous to the lungs and respiratory tissues. These chemical toxins pass in to the blood stream and transferred to every tissue, this is the reason why tobacco smoke increases cancer risks for every organ of the body.

So an effective air purifier has to remove both the particles and chemical pollutants present in the tobacco smoke. There are five types of air purifiers present in the market for this purpose, they are:
Negative ion generators, these release negative ions and attract the particles. Thereby they become heavier and settle out of the air. The other type of the purifier is the electrostatic precipitators or filter less purifiers. The other type are Ozone generators, which release ozone and functions on the principle of ozone’s ability to react with chemical contaminants. Activated carbon is also useful in purifying the air, because it adsorbs particles and removes tobacco smoke gases and odors. The last type of purifier is the HEPA purifier, which have the ability to remove particles, as small as 0.3 micron, from the air at 99.97% efficiency.

Tobacco smoke is very difficult to remove and while purchasing the air purifier for the purpose of removing the cigarette smoke, the user need to buy a purifier that can remove both particles and gases.