What Are The Features Of MS OCS?

In the VoIp arena, the most preferable communication tool is the Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007. As it provides different tools for unified communications like instant messaging, presence monitoring, file transfer, application sharing, conferencing etc., it is often termed as battle horse in the filed of VoIp. Many organizations are using this communication tool in order to meet the needs of communication.

Live communication server 2005 has been upgraded to form Server 2005. MS OCS works in pair with Microsoft Office Communicator also called as OC. All the traditional IP PBX’s are replaced by software-based servers. Now, we will discuss about the different types of features which are associated with the MS OCS.

Features of MS OCS:

  • The main feature of MS OCS is instant messaging and finding out the presence of an object or a person within an organization.
  • It even supports both the video and voice communications.
  • Enables secure voice and video both inside and outside the corporate network.
  • Along with the corporate users , partner companies it also supports remote users on the internet.
  • For Instant messaging and presence, in addition to the modified and incompatible Session Initiation Protocol(SIP) for signaling ,SIMPLE extensions of SIP are used.
  • Most of the companies are incorporating functionality of OCS on existing platforms.

Microsoft released a new version of MS OCS 2007 in 2009 and it is called as MS OCS 2007 R2. Along with the features of OCS, some added features are introduced in this new version.
Following are the added features of R2 release.

  • Desktop Sharing
  • Session Initiation Protocol Trunking
  • Audio conferencing Dial-in
  • Single-number reach and mobility
  • Persistent group chat
  • Delegation and Attendant Console

Due to its advanced features, MS OCS usage has improved enterprises a lot.