What are the Causes of Oral Yeast Infection

Oral Yeast Infection is caused due to candida, the fungus in the mouth. Apart from the mouth, the yeast infection can occur in many places like mouth, skin, nail bed and at vaginal areas, diaper areas. Both men, women and infants can suffer from the yeast infection.

The mouth of the yeast infected person will contain white sores sometimes there may be bleeding and they will be painful. This will be persistent for a long time. Generally, one can detect the oral yeast infection by observing the symptoms like lesions in the mouth. You can also observe them on the gums, tonsils, tongue, in inner cheeks.

The various causes of the mouth yeast infection are:

  • By using some antibiotics, the bacteria which are useful for protecting the immune system will be destroyed and this allows the yeast growth in the mouth.
  • Even because of stress, oral yeast infections may occur.
  • Some of the illnesses like cancer, diabetes, dry mouth, HIV infection and AIDS also result in oral yeast infection.
  • Different other yeast infections in other parts of the body will also result in mouth yeast infection.
  • Sometimes due to the hormonal changes during the pregnancy period will also result in this infection.
  • For the people who smoke and the people who use dentures which are correctly fitted in the mouth then in those cases, the person has the chances of getting mouth yeast infection.
  • Infants can also suffer with this oral yeast as the disease may get transmitted from the mother during breast feeding.

These are some of the causes of the oral yeast infection.