Types of Home Lighting

Style home lighting, highlights the taste of an individual. A proper lighting is major key for better physical and mental health of the inhabitants. Dim light can cause mental tension and excessive light can cause physical harms. Therefore, an individual is needed to make a plan for a lighting design.

Lighting is basically divided into two types: Natural lighting and artificial lighting. Natural lighting includes skylights, huge windows etc where as artificial lighting includes lamps and light fittings. Indoor lighting is the major kind of interior design because any flaw in this department would simply destroy the looks of a planned house.

Artificial lighting is the major component of home lighting. This kind of lighting can be classified into three main categories as per the function. Task lighting is used for reading purposes, accent lighting is good for decoration, and to keep rooms environment interesting and general lighting is best for general illumination of rooms.

As per the requirement and design of home – down lighting, up lighting or front lighting can be used. Down lighting can be easily installed and can be fixed into a custom-made niche on the ceiling. These types of lighting throw lights downwards. Front lighting is used to avoid casting shadows but they can cast glare at eye level. It is mostly used as accent lighting. Up lighting is fixed at floor level and it throws light in upward direction.

Thus whatever the shades of lighting an individual needs, they are available in the market. Just a prior planning and thorough research of lighting can help to install an efficient home lighting.