Implications if using illegal drugs

Illegal drugs make a person ill. Abuse of drugs leads to addiction. They are of different types, shapes and sizes. Each and every drug produces different effects. They use illegal drugs for many reasons like getting out of boredom, increasing fitness instantly, relief from tension; but all these are short term effects . The long term effects play a major role on the health of the person.

Illegal drugs are the drugs which a person is not allowed to have. If a person is using the illegal drugs then he is punished. Illegal drugs are addictive.

Reasons of usage of this illegal drug: Each drug creates its own effect. Till the person is intoxicated he feels happy, dizzy, may even feel strange. Some often make them drowsy and in a sleepy mood. Even in some cases they feel like floating, dreaming and moving into an unreal world. Some make feel anger or sick and the abused behave in a scary manner.

Even the infectious diseases like HIV may occur because of using the needles which are not sterilized for injecting.