Pros And Cons Of Dashboard Repair

Dashboard repair is a very uncommon repair of a car but it is mostly seen in old cars. These types of problems are because of many reasons. This damage will occur due to UV rays from the sun or due to car crash or due to regular wear and tear. This repair is necessary because damaged dashboard spoils the appearance of your car.

Car dash board can be repaired by following way but each solution has some pros and cons. Hence only a proper selection among these repairs can give good result.

  • New dashboard replacement
    • Benefits:
      • A new dash board gives new finishing to the car.
      • For better quality this repair will be the best option.
    • Losses:
      • Take lots of effort while removal of old one and installation of new one.
      • Finding a new dashboard like old one is a tough job.
  • Used dashboard replacement
    • Benefits:
      • This is a highly cost effective solution comparing to new dash board replacement.
      • Even it is used but it is an original part of the car. So it holds quality in new replacement.
    • Losses:
      • Like new replacement it will also take lots of effort while removal of old one and installation of new one.
      • For used dash board there is chance for easily crack since it has already been subject to wear and tear
  • Cap method dash board
    • Benefits:
      • A cheap and best option since cap services is not too expensive.
      • It is stronger than original car dash board since it is built with hard plastic.
    • Losses:
      • Since it is not original so it will give an odd appearance to car interior.
      • If the job is not done well then there is a risk of further damaging.

Hence, dash board repair is totally depending upon the car owner decision, so a wise planning while repairing could give effective and better result.