Things to Consider While Filing an Auto Insurance Claim

Recently Consumer Federation of America published a guide, “Navigating the Auto Claims’ Maze: Getting the Settlement You Deserve.” This guide helps the drivers navigate the claims process and avoid getting unpaid or less-paid for their claims. It also provides some useful tips on filing claims with others’ driver’s insurance company when you are not at fault.

A claim is a request that you make to your insurer to pay compensation for sustained damages in the accident. So in order to get paid for your claim, you need to consider some important things before filing an auto insurance claim.

Report the loss
You need to contact your insurance company after an accident as soon as possible. Because, your insurer cannot begin the claims payment process until you inform about the loss. Also, remember before you hang up the phone, you need to ask the name of the adjuster who is being assigned your claim.

Check whether you have coverage for the damaged
Ask your insurance company whether or not the accident is covered in your insurance policy. Your main responsibility under your insurance policy is to provide the information and make your vehicle available to the company for any damages appraisal.

Document verification
Ask your insurer what documents you need to submit to them to support your claim. Also, you need to submit accident report from the police. If you want to get compensation for your medical bills, you need to show receipts of receipts of accident-related expenses.

Schedule an inspection
The insurer schedules a date for inspecting your damaged vehicle. You need to deal with the adjuster and they will estimate the losses and your car get repaired. You can also discuss injury and medical treatment if you have received in the accident.

Because of lack of knowledge of making claim and lack of confidence, many people hesitate to claim. For those also the insurers are obligated to entertain their claim. It does not make sense to purchase insurance, if it does not help you when you deserve to get it. Thus, you need to claim properly to get your problem resolved and paid for your damages.