What are the Different Types of Websites?

Website consists of web pages that include various content types like images, videos, audio and text designed using Hypertext Markup language like HTML and CSS.

ad server solutionsAnd a web site is hosted on web server with domain name so that it is visible on search engine & publicly accessible to the users. The pages are generally accessed from URL (Uniform Resource Locator) by any browser (Firefox, Safari, and Chrome). Most of the websites are free but some like journal sites, real-time stock market sites, gaming sites, web-based e-mail, services, and social networking web sites require subscription to access. Based on the purpose they are used for, websites are differentiated into several types.

Types of websites
Websites can be classified into a few types based on their function and the ownership of the website.

1. Personal website
ad serving platformsPersonal website is normally created by individuals covering content that is useful for a family or small group of people to stay connected with each other. Such websites are just informational and are not meant for business purposes.  Personal website or blog can be easily made by using WordPress as it comes with readymade themes and template. Person without any knowledge of programming can also create a blog or website using WordPress.

2. Photo Sharing Websites
These websites are meant for sharing of pictures (publicly or privately), and provide services like uploading/downloading and sharing. Now-a-days many smartphones and digital cameras have built in software and applications to upload on the web. Some popular sites are Instagram, Imgur, Flickr, Photobucket etc.

3. E-commerce Websites
ad serverPurchasing and selling goods online refers to E commerce website. There are many businesses which depend on e-commerce website to sell their product and services. Today e-commerce is gaining huge popularity because it allows convenience of service like home delivery with low price compare to market. Amazon, e-bay, Flipkart are some popular e-commerce websites.

4. Government websites
Government websites are created with specific domain .gov and it is the top level domain (sTLD) used only for government official websites. The main intention of a government website is to provide information (schemes & facilities). Example: Income tax, Railways, UPSC, RBI etc.

5. Social websites
ad servingSocial websites are meant for people who want to interact and make new friends and share same interests. Apart from that it can be also used as information source as many organizations and institutes link up with social sites. These sites provide latest information on news, technology,   services, and opinions etc. Some popular social websites are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.

6. Search engine websites
Search engine website like Google, Yahoo, and Bing provide general current affairs information and   gateway for accessing all other websites via browser.