Various Applications of Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a wireless technology that is capable of working with internet services. Internet of things can be called as IoT.  IoT is a network which is connected to the different computing devices and systems, where the computing devices are capable of sending and receiving the data to other devices with the help of IP address by accessing the address of the device.

IoT software developmentA device with the IP address can easily be connected with the IoT network to share the information and to provide the command. In other words Internet of Things works effectively in terms of technical, social and economical. It makes our daily life more convenient. IoT bring new techniques in the areas like consumer products, automobiles, industrial and utility components by connecting with internet.

Applications of the Internet of Things

1. Smart Home
Smart home application is most likable application of Internet of Things (IoT). It saves time, money and energy. It works on instructions of the consumer, where they have to provide the command to the application and accordingly it works. Giving command like switching on or off the fan, tube-lights, or unlocking the gate without being present at home can be given to the smart home application.

2. Wearables as Wristbands
Earlier wearables were just used as a watch to check the time. But with transformation in technologies there was a lot of advancement and they are now being used for health & fitness, entertainment, etc. Users can get the products like Google, Samsung, Apple, Sony, Fitbit One, etc. They have invested to produce the products like smart watches, schedule planner, track health and exercise, gesture controller. They processes on installed software and sensor system and are easy to carry and user friendly.

3. Smart Cities
IoT engineering servicesSmart cities application work effectively and is capable of solving the real time problems like safety for city, smarter energy management systems, water distribution, reducing pollution, traffic congestion, crime, environmental monitoring, etc. Barcelona a city in Spain is a good example for smart cities because it has adopted the applications of Internet on Things to make the city smarter.

4. Connected Cars
Connected car is that application in Internet of Things having attention on enhancing the in-car experience. This IoT application when equipped in the vehicles allows easy internet access inside the car and keeps connected with others through internet. is alsoalso is shareable with others. Existing automobile companies like Tesla and BMW are planning to introduce vehicles with more advanced techniques. And big companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft are already working to introduce highly configured applications for the vehicles to make them an advanced generation vehicle.

5. Agriculture
Agriculture is one of the fastest growing field in IoT. It helps the farmer to produce good quality of food with high techniques. And with the support of the government programs and policies the trend of doing farming is transforming with new techniques. Farming operations like usage of water and its control, identifying best fertilizers, understanding soil moisture are benefited by IoT applications.

IoT engineering services6. Connected Healthcare
Connected healthcare aims at maximizing the health benefits of individuals using existing technology. It focuses on using internet and telephone services for providing remote care to the patients. With the help of IoT applications, it is becoming possible to provide healthcare services and analyze the health of an individual through remote monitoring. IoT is considered as a revolutionary thing in the field of medicine.

7. Retail
IoT application in retail field is a big change maker. It provides an enhanced in-store experience to customer. This is helpful for the retailers to be connected with the consumers through smartphones. Maintaining the customer satisfaction becomes easy with IoT and the customer will also be served in a better way.