A Brief on Electric Cars

Nowadays due to shortage of fuel, we all look for an alternate option for our vehicles. So, battery form of energy is the best option for that. Because, it is less expensive as compared to fuels like petrol and diesel. The cars which will run with electricity are known as electric cars. We can say that electric cars are environmental friendly.

How it works?
Electric cars work with the help of power that is stored in batteries. All these batteries are rechargeable batteries. It not only gives the power to vehicle, but also helps in the functioning of lights and wipers. Electric cars look same as that of other cars. The exception is the engine. Also, these vehicles do not have a gas tank. Because there is no option for fuel, electric motors are used in electric cars. We have different types of electric motors used in electric cars. Electric cars works as using the principle of converting electric energy into mechanical energy. Car needs mechanical energy to move forward. In electric cars mainly 3 parts are there. They are Battery, controller and electric motor. The working mechanism is when you switch on the car, the current passes from battery to electric motor. Electric controller will do the transferring of current from battery to motor. Then electric motor is going to convert the energy in to mechanical energy. Which required for vehicles.

Advantage of using electric cars
The main advantage of electric cars are they don’t need fuel. Because now a days fuel shortage is there everywhere. And one more thing it is having less maintenance. And also no need to use the engine oils. And also performance of electric cars also good. It is very easy to handle and smooth in operation.

As it is not direct to cause pollution, but to produce power some amount of co2 is releasing in to whether especially power comes from the coal. And also it having some battery related problems. It is not gives the mileage as compared to the fuel vehicles. And also it takes 4-6 hours of time to recharge the batteries completely.

Things you need to know about Electric cars
Usually electric cars takes less cost per mile as compared to the fuel vehicles. In some electric cars we can get an extra option of engine along with electric plug ins. Electric cars are easy to drive and have less maintenance. Now a days due to technology implements there are many features are available in electric cars like security and comfort and luxury.