Roles, Responsibilities and Essential Qualification for Security Guard Recruits

Qualification required for security officer:
Security guard are the people who are paid for protecting or securing the business, people or property etc.

  • There is no particular qualification required for the security guard. People generally hire the guards with minimum of high school education or else diploma and equivalent.
  • The person must also cross the criminal record check
  • Age must of be 18 years or above

These are the basic needs or qualifications required for a security guard. Along with these they can also have:

  • Experience or training in the same field will be an added advantage
  • License to work as a security officer
  • Armed license is also necessary if needed for the position

The qualification also varies based on the position like armed guard, unarmed guard etc.

Roles and responsibilities of security guards or security officer:

  • The roles and responsibilities of security guard are:
  • The role of the security guard is to protect the specific property, business or people where as peace officer have been paid to protect all the people, all property etc. They both will have the same roles and responsibilities except this above point.
  • Security guard has to take precautions and prevent crimes that are likely to occur.
  • If the crime has occurred already then he has to observe and report to the authorities as soon as possible.
  • Their main responsibility is to listen carefully, be alert in all situations and watch the surroundings.
  • Monitor the safety standards like fire safety, slippery floors etc
  • He should get help of the near by police authorities if an kind of crime occurs for his owners property of for them.
  • Circulate among the people in the place you are working
  • Answer the alarms and find out the problem
  • Prepare daily reports of the people visiting and the house or company or the property
  • Tell the people regarding the rules of your working place and ask them not to violet them.
  • Make sure all the security systems and cameras in the place are arranged properly.
  • If any disturbances intimate they should intimate the authorities.
  • Should be a team player in asking the employees to show the badges before they enter the company etc.

While looking for new recruits those who are choosing them should follow these norms so that they could get the right people for the right job.