Comparison of Purchasing a Car Offline and Online

Today, there are different ways for purchasing a car. It is not compulsory that you need to visit a big number of auto showrooms or talk to salespersons. It still depends on the people’s choice for buying a car sitting at one place or going and visiting the dealers personally.

Offline car buying and online car buying
There are many who don’t like to interact with other people. They rather prefer to check all the details on their PC at their convenience – Late at night or early in the morning. While there are those who prefer to visit a dealership speak to real people and figure out what they want.

Offline car buying
In offline car purchasing, not only the purchaser can look at the car physically but he can also test drive any vehicle he is choosing for. Further he can directly speak and interact with the salesman. Under traditional buying method, the purchaser is allowed to be a part of each and every step that is involved in this process.

If the purchaser likes to trade his old vehicle, offline car buying helps them factorize the price of the old vehicle in the overall cost of the new vehicle. When trading an old vehicle, upfront cost should not be mentioned first as this will deviate the buyer to find out lowest price on the new vehicles. First you should negotiate the price and then mention your final price which will make your deal better.

At the time of test drive, the whole family should be taken along with you in order to make sure that they are comfortable. This is the time to understand your comfort in the vehicle, operation of the car electronics and going through owner’s manual. See that the brake pedals and the clutch are working smoothly, the view in the mirror is clear and acceptable and seats should also be comfortable and adjustable.

Online car buying
ad hostingWhen purchasing online the purchaser is left with no option of looking at the car. This can be a challenging issue. Internet provides you with number of options for the cars and also the comparing it with other car dealers. The comparison involves both the vehicle model, its features and price.

When purchasing online, there are many services that work physically for the purchaser. But if the purchaser does not prefer this service, he can research by himself online.

Inspecting independently the vehicle should be considered so as to avoid surprises when the vehicle arrives. It is better to look at the pictures of each vehicle carefully and getting much information about the same by visiting different websites. The inspection should also include physical condition and mechanical issues of the vehicle.

It is better and reasonable too for asking more pictures of the vehicle. When trying to purchase car online, it is sensible to research about the seller – whether they are independent or have a big business. Research regarding this, business before purchasing the car from this seller. Make sure that Internet source you are using is a reputable one for easy and secure online transactions.

A comparison offline and online buying
Following may help you to understand the difference between traditional and online buying:

Traditional Buying Online Buying
The purchaser can look at the car personally. The purchaser cannot look at the car physically.
You need to go to the store from where you want to buy. You need not require going to the store as everything is available on the internet.
When decided to buy, you have to again visit the dealer to drive home your new car. You just have to wait for its delivery.
You do not enjoy the unique features such as greeting card, wish card, etc. Online buying makes you enjoy these unique features.