Get to Know Vitamins that Help Fight Dandruff

cosmetics speciality chemical supplier for MENADandruff is because of many reasons behind dandruff. Many people face this problem especially during winter. Moisture is the main reason for bacterial and fungal infections on scalp.

In this article, we discuss the causes of dandruff, vitamins that help fight dandruff, treatment for dandruff and some tips to follow to get rid of dandruff.

What causes dandruff?
The main cause for dandruff is due to infection by fungus and yeast. Over secretion of oil on the scalp leading to oily skin also cause dandruff. Most of the fungus feed on these oil that leads to scalp infections. Irregular hair wash, poor diet devoid of vitamins, proteins and minerals, stress, lack of sleep, some skin diseases like psoriasis (skin rashes), dermatitis (scaly skin) also cause dandruff.

Vitamins that help fight dandruff

  • Vitamin B complex is proven effective to fight against dandruff. Vitamin B, A, C and zinc are also helpful in dealing with dandruff.
  • Vitamin B promotes production of new cells, blood circulation to scalp promotes hair growth.
  • Vitamin A is essential for skin and hair maintenance. It acts against dandruff by activating immune system to fight against fungal infections. It also helps in blood flow to hair roots and scalp.
  • Vitamin C acts as an anti oxidant, reduces hair cells damage, enhances blood circulation to scalp. It also activates immune system in fighting against fungal infections.
  • Zinc is an important mineral. Zinc is a proven mineral effective to fight against dandruff. It increases number of new cells and eliminates dead cells on the scalp. Vitamin B6 helps in absorption of zinc into the body.

Treatment for dandruff
Taking foods rich in vitamin B6 is the best way to fight against dandruff. Such foods include poultry, red meat, eggs, potatoes, oysters, etc. Have zinc rich foods like seafood’s, nuts, etc. Lean proteins like fish, eggs, meat, Omega-3 fatty acids like sardines, salmon, soybeans, kidney beans also help in treating dandruff. Garlic also prevents dandruff as it has many anti-fungal properties.

Apple cider vinegar – This is very effective to get rid of dandruff. Mix apple cider vinegar with warm water in 2:1 ratio and apply on the scalp for half an hour and wash your hair, it helps in reducing dandruff. Tea tree oil also helps fight fungal infections.

Tips to follow to get rid of dandruff

  • Avoid high sugar foods as they promote yeast growth on scalp leading to infections.
  • Wash hair twice or thrice a week. Apply enough shampoo for washing the hair because if any oil is left on the scalp, it will promote fungal infection.
  • Drink plenty of water, especially people with dry skin, as dry scalp form dandruff in the form of flakes during winter.
  • Have enough sleep to reduce stress, which is one of the reasons for dandruff.
  • Minimize use of hair gels, if you use, make sure they are of good quality.