What are the Peripheral Devices of Mainframe Computers?

We all know that mainframe computers are similar to PCs, but the difference between them is speed, processing level, reliability, storing condition, etc. Mainframe computers have hardware and software components. They have multiple processors (CPU with multiple processors), control units, input/output channels, memory and peripheral devices. The central processor is the brain of the mainframe computer that performs specific tasks.

Peripheral devices of Mainframes:

Terminals: Terminal is an operating device to operate mainframe computer. Generally, it has a monitor and keyboard. In the early days, network of terminals are remotely connected to mainframe computers. But modern mainframes are using a software similar to terminal to run a processor.

Storage devices: These devices are used for storing large amounts of data. Magnetic disks are used in mainframe as a secondary memory. The data stored in these disks can be randomly accessed.

Tape drives: These drives are also used for storing data but they allow data to access in a sequential order. These drives are particularly used for data back-up. In earlier days, tapes/reels were used. Now a days they are coming in square cartridge.

Punched cards: Earlier, punched cards were used for recording information.

These are the peripheral devices of a mainframe computers. Some devices which were used earlier have been replaced by other software to operate mainframes.