Get to Know about the Types of Air Conditioners

An air conditioner is an equipment that regulates and maintains temperature and humidity in the home or office environment. According to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) experts, comfortable levels of human body temperature is 25O Celsius and 50% humidity. All air conditioners work by simple principle of conversion of refrigerants from gas to liquid and vice versa.

This conversion of refrigerants helps in dissipating heat from the room and this in turn causes cooling effect.

In the beginning of 1900s, the first air conditioning unit was invented by Willis Carrier at New York. His invention aided in development of most advanced air conditioners for providing clean and comfortable room temperature in homes, offices, shopping malls, theaters and everywhere. In this article, we will discuss about the types of air conditioners and their pros and cons in using them.

The choice of air conditioner depends on factors such as size of home/office, cost, installation requirements, energy efficiency, etc. Depending on the purpose ranging form domestic usage to industrial, the following types of air air conditioners are available.

Room air conditioners
Room air conditioners are installed on specially cut opened areas on the wall or windows. Room air conditioners have a single unit where all parts compressor, condenser and evaporator are placed.

Room air conditioners are efficient for single rooms. They are economically good in terms of saving energy and money. It is easy to handle and install them. The disadvantages are its inefficiency in maintaining room temperature and humidity. They are also noisy and are not aesthetically appealing.

Portable air conditioners
Portable air conditioners are alternative to room air conditioners. Easy to shift from one room to other. Portable air conditioners are perfect for those who cannot afford duct works and other regular maintenance. In addition, these are equipped with dehumidifier, fans and heaters to adjust room temperature conditions. Portable air conditioners are good for people who are living in extreme humid weather conditions.

Split air conditioners
Split air conditioners have two units – an outdoor (condenser and compressed) and an indoor unit (evaporator). Indoor unit is responsible for removing hot air and humidity from the room, while outdoor units help in pumping out the hot air outside. Split air conditioners are good in controlling or heating one or two rooms.

Split air conditioners are good in appearance, designed to occupy less space on wall. There is no need of special slot on wall or window and are more efficient than room air conditioners in controlling temperature and humidity.

Ductless air conditioners

Known as mini-split air conditioners, these are good for those who do not like to go for duct work on walls or where the room is not suitable for duct work or the room is without windows. Ductless air conditioners have aesthetic appearance, compact, occupy less space, extremely quite and reliable technology. Installing ductless air conditioners is very simple and needs few electrical work.

Central air conditioners
Central air conditioner are good at providing cooling for larger houses, malls, theaters, hotels and any other type of large buildings. Central air conditioners are reliable in maintaining a constant temperature, moisture levels, quality of air and is good to have one when your budget and space permit.

There are two types of central air conditioners – split system and package unit. Split system contain refrigerant (gas) drain line that circulates refrigerant in both outdoor (condenser and compressor) and indoor units (evaporator and blower).

The indoor unit is equipped with blower that makes circulation of cool air around the house. Split system of air conditioners gives efficiency in cooling in economic way. Where as package units has both the evaporator, condenser are placed outside and cool or hot air is passed through furnace inside the buildings.

The object of an air conditioning equipment is to make stay comfortable by controlling humidity and maintaining the temperature at optimal level. It depends on the type of home you live on while opting for a certain kind of air conditioner.

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