What are the Signs of Presence Mice in Your Home?

Mice are small creatures that are always hungry and are in search of food as their chewing habituate. People have inconvenience with the mice because they carry diseases, damage furniture, plastic goods, food items, books and clothes etc. These mice are especially hidden in the store rooms because of the warm atmosphere there and can produce number of mice within a period of four months.
However, you can detect the mice in your home by some signs that mice leave in your home.

  • You can find droppings of mice that are grain sized and black near the walls, pipes, beams and storage places or across open spaces.
  • Mice drops urinate along the walls, pipes, holes or the way in which they travel in your house. It gives a foul odor and a greasy look.
  • If you have any chew marks or tooth marks on the food containers, furniture, clothes etc. It is sure sign of presence of mice in your home.
  • You can spot the foot prints and tail marks of the mice on the dirty, dusty or muddy surfaces.
  • If there are nests of mice in the basements, garages, storage areas, closets, and other dark areas or materials, it is an indication of mice presence in your home.
  • If there are noises like squeaks and squawks in the walls or ceilings, you have mice infesting your home.
  • If you find any damage to electric wires (small pieces of wires), clothes (in small pieces) can indicate that you are having mice in your home.