What is Pay Per Click (PPC) Internet Advertising Model?

ad serverIt is one of the internet advertising models that is used to direct traffic to websites, advertisers pay their publisher whenever the ad is clicked. Pay per click is a powerful tool which requires practice, patience and knowledge for advertising.

The publisher gets payment when the user clicks on the advertisement. You can set up and manage your advertisements on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing. A pricing model that charge per thousand impressions (CPM) is based on the impressions which depend on the product and target audience. Click stream analysis consist of click paths that shows the route that users choose while navigating through a website, a tracking system will let you know what people do on your website once they access it through PPC advertising.

The click stream lists the pages in order viewed by the visitor. This information is essentialadserver to manage your advertising and to determine the best ways to obtain quality traffic on the website, make the visitors as customers. Pay per click advertising is based on keyword selection where the entire internet advertising market relies on choosing the correct search terms and keywords. A well-managed Pay per click advertising will bring maximum traffic desired and helps to publicize an event or sell goods and services of a brand.