Interior Design- All You Need to Know About

Interior Design is a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are implemented with proper planning of the layout and furnishings for interiors by effectively setting the space. It involves a range of human activities that help in enhancing the space indoors. The interior designer is a person who works on such projects.

An Interior designer emphasizes planning and functional design and plays a major role in arranging the basic layout and effective use of space for interiors. Interior designer can design different rooms in a home- kitchen, bedroom, living room, kids’ room etc. An interior design specialist can make a few simple changes in the home to renovate it. While designing interiors it is necessary to think of the house in its totality. Interior design elements strengthen the whole composition of interiors.

There are some basics of interior design to be known before planning to work on any space.

If you want painted walls in a room with two or more colors make sure that they are from the same color family. When designing interiors keep in mind that light colors make a room look larger whereas dark colors makes a space look smaller. So choosing upholstery with light colors is good. The doors and windows that are useful for giving air, light and security must not be ignored while designing interiors. Placing furniture where needed gives a stylish look to the home. Providing good sanitary in bathrooms make them more soothing and relaxing. The kitchen must be designed appropriately to suit the lifestyle of the modern man and is convenient for cooking, it must be kept hygienic. The flooring must be designed that has a good quality and durability; it should be easy to take care and maintenance.