Impact of Website Downtime on Your Online Business

Website performance is important for any businesses whether you are using your website for selling products or services online, or simply for online presence. Many website owners rely on the web hosting companies to take care of the website up time. Even web hosting companies also ensure you 100% up time for your website but there are many reasons that can cause your website to go down for some time.

For every business, there may not be specific and same reason for website downtime but below are some of the four common causes of website downtime. Whenever host performs any up-gradations such as server upgrading, upgrading software and hardware applications, site may goes down. Once up gradation is over, the sites become available. This is called planned downtime. If any server components fail, it eventually leads to site’s downtime. If any malicious attacks happen, the website may go down and last but not the least when the website suffers poor performance, the site becomes unavailable.

Inconsistency in up time and performance of your website will negatively impact your business in many ways:

According to a research by Akamai technologies, if the web page takes more than two seconds to load then 47% of the consumers become impatient and 14% will move to another site for shopping. So, from this we can conclude that, if your site is loading slowly, the potential customers will not show interest and hence it impacts your revenues.

Lessen customer satisfaction: Even website downtime also gives a negative shopping experience to the visitors even though your product price is reliable and attractive. He losses trust on your site because he is dissatisfied about your website performance.

Effect on rankings: If your site is rated by Google and you find your site is not loading, then they give negative rankings to your site, which may lose your organic search engine rankings and thereby loose genuine search traffic.

So, make sure that you host your website in such a way that attracts and increase the number of users, leading increase in business revenue and website should be always available to users with crucial information.