Fast Facts of Bel Air

The city, Bel Air is located in Harford County, in the State of Maryland of United States. The city is located in the center of Bel Air-Abingdon in Maryland Micropolitan Area.


The estimated population of the city is about 10,368 as on 2009, U.S census.

The total area of the city is about 2.8 square miles i.e, 7.2 square kilometers, according to the United States Census Bureau.

In 1731, huge area of land is given to Daniel Scott who named the land as Scott’s Old Field. In 1780, Aquilla Scott inherited the land and changed its name to “Bel Aire”. In 1789, the land was again renamed as “Bel Air”. Thus, in The year 1874, the city was officially incorporated as Bel Air.

The city Bel Air has earned a popular name as ‘the heart of Harford” with various county and state agencies, regional medical facilities, best business locations, shopping, entertainment and recreation opportunities placed within easy access for kids of Harford County. The appealing features for the residents and businesses are town’s excellent schools, safe & clean neighborhoods, historic places, etc.

Many economic development programs are conducted in Bel Air by the numerous public, private and non-profit organizations. It also helps to create and retain jobs in the city that facilitate economic growth and provide a stable tax base. The economic development program in the city also focuses on developing tourism, cultural arts and public amenities such as pedestrian pathways, parking garages, parks and public art.

The estimated unemployment rate in Bel Air is 7.2%, with a job growth of -0.40% according to data of 2010. For over the next ten years, the future job growth is predicted to be 32%. As of 2010, the sales tax rate in the city is 6.00% while income tax rate is 7.81%. The median household income is estimated about $60,956.

Bel Air is also adorned by many ancient tourist attractions, besides the city being a popular center for arts and culture.