Equipment Needed For New Language Learners?

Any person who are serious about learning new languages, they have to opt better methods in language learning. A person’s efficient learning depends on how he aims to learn a foreign language. However there are two techniques for learners in learning a new language. One is a class room immersion technique and the other is a self-learning technique. In either of the ways you need equipments for recording and take test by comparing yourself with a native speaker in a foreign language. There are number of equipments available that need to be become a part of the language learning system.

The person without equipments in language learning system is like a plumber going to do the work without proper tools.

Below are some of the essential equipments lists which are needed for language learners. And the items listed should be compulsory and this list assumes one per language learner.

  • A fine quality cassette recorder must have all of the following features: tape counter; two side-by-side jacks (rem (remote) and mike (microphone)), an option to use a DC jack or batteries, a headphone jack, an external speaker, and a DC adapter.
  • Quality microphone with features having two plugs,( “rem” and for “mike”), which means turning on or off the cassette recorder, a reliable battery, a good size of microphone that can be used in public.
  • Blank tapes are necessary and is a part of language learning because its used for language recording. 60-minute tapes tend to be much more durable than 90-minute tapes.
  • A computer with a sound card and speakers, Mp3 player( for each person).
  • A patch cord which would connect the computer’s microphone jack and the tape recorder’s earphone jack. This cord is essential for the creation of MP3 files. This can also be used to connect a cassette recorder to a computer or a short-wave radio.

Optional equipments:

  • A CD-Rom drive is necessary for transferring MP3 files into CD’s. Doing this would save a lot of disk space as well as you can share your CD with other learners.
  • A Digital recorder is the high-end version of cassette tapes. For easier playback and usage, digital recorders must be a necessary investment for any language learner.

Without using the above equipments, learning language could be a difficulty to the learners. So, buy for better and for fast learning.