Know What is Covered by Shop Insurance

Today, there are many retail shops running business without being insured. They are vulnerable to different types of claims. As a shop owner or retailer, you need to protect your business from the risks such as employment liability claims from the staff you own, public liability claims from the customers you handle and along with the regular business claims such as fire, burglary etc.

Hence get an insurance that adequately covers your business from unexpected mishaps. Shop insurance is the best insurance for retail outlets. It is also called retail insurance. When searching for business insurance, it is important to realize that, not all insurance providers sell insurance with some standard features with regard to retail insurance policy. It is important to check these features before you buy.

  • Public liability insurance: A crucial cover to protect your business if a member of the public is injured or his/her property is damaged while s/he is in your business premises.
  • Employer’s liability insurance: Protects your business against claims made by your staff/workers who have been injured or suffered from illness at work because of the fault of your business.
  • Stock protection: Most shops/retail businesses maintain a significant level of stock on the premises. Stock insurance will provide cover for your stock of inventories against fire, flood and theft etc.
  • Retail buildings insurance: This insurance covers your retail building to protect them against floods, fire, and damage to the building you trade from.
  • Equipment Cover: This provides cover for the cost of repair or replacement of any tools or equipment held at your business premises if damaged, destroyed, lost or stolen.

Get a good shop insurance for your retail outlet and have cover against legal liabilities and risks you face as a retailer.