Want to know about types of bird food?

Birds are very popular for their cute looking and innocent features, feathery, lovable, flying and playful activities. Most people keep birds as pets their homes due to these features. In order to keep them healthy, you should know the diet requirements of that bird otherwise the bird will becomes sick. So many bird foods are there based on the different breeds of the bird. However, pet birds diet food is different from the wild birds.

Some types of birds come under nectarivores which eat a special diet that includes only pollen, seeds and some types of insects. This diet can be said as a nectar diet.

Some types of birds come under omnivorous eating a high protein diet that include insects (including insects larvae, worms, and dried insects), certain seeds and some invertebrates. This diet is said to be omnivorous diet, which is high in proteins value.
Some birds which come under a category of frugivores will eat a diet that include a wide variety of raw and dried fruits as well as a small amounts of nuts.

Some birds which come under the category of granivore or called as seed-eating birds which eat only seeds. Birds eat seeds and this food is common for the pet birds.

However, if you want to feed the pet bird or wild birds you have to know the species of bird so that you can purchase or prepare food by adding nutritional ingredients to the food for keeping bird’s health healthy.