Aromatherapy Diffusing Methods and Devices Which Can be Used in Households

The purpose of aromatherapy diffusers are to used spread the aroma of the essential oils around the entire environment. There are three basic methods for diffusing essential oils that can be done with things that are already existing in your home.

Simple Tissue Diffusion:
This is a simple and easy method that can be done with items available at home. Spray 3 to 4 drops of essential oil into your tissue and keep it nearby to your place. As the movement occurs in the room you will be able to notice the aroma and inhale it. This method is a simple and it can be used at any place. But tissues are not efficient diffusers because they cannot emit lot of aroma into a room and limited to a specific and small area.

Candle Diffusion:
You can use a candle diffusion method if you have a candle to extract the aroma from essential oils. Firstly, light a candle and make it to burn for about five minutes and extinguish the candle. Now add one drop of essential oil to the melted wax and again light the candle. Essential oils are highly flammable and candle diffusion method is a convenient way if you take great care towards it.

Steam Diffusion:
Take two cups of water and then bring it to boil. Pour the water into a bowl and now add 10 drops of essential or organic oil. You can add less number of drops if you are allergic to the oil. Watch the steam while it heats the oil and quickly the aroma evaporates into the room. The aroma that comes from the steam is not long lasting since the boiling water can destroy certain properties of organic oils.

You can enjoy the therapeutic benefits you are getting from essential oil diffuser methods. These methods are inexpensive and easy to use.