What are Vitamins and What are Their Important Functions in a Human Body ?

Vitamins are essential nutrients that are required for every one’s life, health, and wellness. These are taken in very smaller amounts are useful in developing and physical well-being. Through balanced diet and a varied diet we can gain some vitamins but these are not adequate. We have to take vitamins in the form of pills and other supplements. There are some vitamins which can be easily available in plants like vegetables and fruits. Some are gained by sunshine in the morning. Each vitamin useful to your body improve our immune system and helps in avoiding health problems. If these vitamins are not taken, this results in deficiency which causes disorders like rickets, nerve diseases etc,.

There are two types of vitamins:
1. Water soluble vitamins.
2. Fat soluble vitamins.

Water soluble vitamins are usually secreted through urine. These are easily absorbed by the body and these should be taken daily otherwise there is a chance of getting disorders. Vitamin C and vitamin B come under this and these are not stored by the human body for longer.

Fat-soluble vitamins (which are soluble in fat) include vitamins A, D, E and K and they are used to absorb with the help of bile acids. Once these vitamins are absorbed, the body stores them in body fat. When you need them, your body takes them out of storage to be used. Eating fats or oils that are not digested can cause shortages of fat-soluble vitamins.

There are 13 essential vitamins and each one has a special role to play within the body, and thus helps regulate the processes such as cell growth and repair, reproduction and digestion.