Know About the Methods of Detecting Marijuana Use

Marijuana is a most commonly used drug. The ease in its availability made it so popular, mostly among the teens. Also called as pot, it is used even by high school students. According to the survey conducted by National Drug Control, 40% of the high school students in US abused marijuana. With these increased number of people it became necessary to conduct drug testing among youngsters. Following are the different methods in which marijuana test is done.

Urine Test: For marijuana users urine test is the most common way of detecting the drug. It can be done using home drug testing kits since it is the least expensive method among drug testing. By using this test the results can be known with in minutes. For people who used the drug for single time the test can detect up to 2-3 weeks of past usage and for habitual users it can detect up to 12 weeks. As per SAMHSA, the cut off levels for urine test are 50 ng/ml.

Saliva Test: This is expensive than urinalysis and is also called as oral fluid drug test. The length of the time for detecting marijuana by this type of test is usually a few hours after past use, or 1-2 days after past use. It can also detect the drug immediately after past use. Cutoff levels of marijuana for this test are 50ng/ml and 15ng/ml for initial and confirmatory drug testing respectively.

Blood Test: This drug is used to determine both the parent drug and the drug metabolites in the body. With this test, marijuana can be detected a few hours after use or some times 1-2 days. However, it can detect the drug immediately after the consumption of the drug. Currently this test is used for driving tests and pre employment procedures.

Hair Test: The most expensive of all the drug tests is the hair follicle test. And the advantage of this test is it can detect marijuana use till 90 days past consumption. Since it is expensive, it is not commonly used. The cutoff for this test is similar to the above test that is 50ng/ml. It is also used for submitting legal evidence in case of accidents involved drug abuse.

These are the four tests which are commonly used for marijuana detection. However, for home drug test kits, urinalysis is the best and most common method.