Wedding Preparation Checklist You Need to Know

As everyone wishes to have a perfect and grandeur wedding, it’s necessary to plan the wedding arrangements in advance. A wedding preparation checklist and timeline aids as a guide. The checklist includes all the things you need to do in an organized way from 6-12 months before the wedding till the wedding day.

6-12 months before the wedding

  • First, set the date and time of the wedding
  • Choose the type of wedding you like – formal, semi-formal, or informal
  • Decide the budget you can afford
  • Book the ceremony venue, florist, decorator, photographer, and caterer
  • Visit the clergy members when planning for church weddings
  • Choose a wedding theme
  • Select wedding invitations
    Shop for your attire and accessories
    Make an order for wedding rings

2-4 months before the wedding

  • Prepare a guest list
  • Get updates from all the florists, decorators and so on
  • Check for the necessary transportation for the wedding
  • Address the wedding invitations
  • Order your wedding cake
  • Plan and purchase the wedding favors
  • Plan and make reservations for honeymoon

4-6 weeks before the wedding

  • Make an appointment with the decorator, venue incharge, florist, and photographer to review your order
  • Mail the wedding invitations
  • Arrange schedule to meet your stylist and discuss the makeup and overall look
  • Reserve hotel rooms for your out-town guests
  • Obtain a marriage license no earlier than 30 days before the wedding

1-2 weeks before the wedding

  • Reconfirm all the wedding plans
  • Arrange for your name changes on bank accounts and official documents
  • Pack the things for wedding night and honeymoon
  • Make the necessary payments for all the wedding services

The checklist, however, depends on your demands and wishes of wedding arrangements. So, add necessary items to this list, and enjoy the benefits of good planning to have a beautiful wedding day.